Agar Limited

Agar Ltd (previously Agar Heatheral Engineering Ltd) was formed in January 1975 by Albert Garfield.

Initially, Agar specialised in one off bespoke fabrications such as fire escapes and machine guarding but soon moved into the manufacture of narrow boat hulls. At one time, they were producing a hull every other week including one that was designed to be a floating hotel on the River Seine in Paris.

Early in 1976, they were approached by a company importing spading machines from Holland. These machines required additional guarding to enable them to be sold in the UK and it was this chance meeting that was to change the company’s direction. Soon after, Agar joined forces with the sales manager from this company and starting producing the Agar-Jackson spading machines and rotary cultivators.

Market conditions changed in 1977 and the company evolved once again. The Agar-Jackson partnership ended but Albert realised the way forward was to expand into the agricultural sector and therefore developed a new Agar Equipment range of implements for the compact tractor market.

February 1978 saw the current owner Mark Garfield join the Company. Along with his Father Albert, he designed for the business and took on the responsibility of marketing and selling the ever increasing range of equipment. The portfolio soon included front mid and rear mounted rotary mowers, sweeper collectors, cylinder mowers as well as the original spaders and rotary cultivators. During this time, machinery was supplied to many prestigious sites including three of the Royal Parks, golf courses and Premiership football clubs. A reputation for being versatile, efficient and producing high quality, value for money products was gained which is still held today. They continue to supply spares to their mowers, some of which are over 25 years old.

The end of 1988 was a difficult time for Agar with the passing away of Albert, which lead to Mark taking over completely in January 1989.

The mid 1990s saw a gradual shift in the Company’s core business again when following a major change and prospective reduction in the compact tractor market, they opted to focus more attention on producing general fabrications alongside the mowers and sweepers. By the late 1990s, the mower market had shrunk significantly but the fabrication side had flourished resulting in the fantastic achievement of being named Fabrication Supplier of the Year 1997 / 1998 / 1999 to a leading global machine tool manufacturer (Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd). This award honoured quality and delivery on time.

In 2002, Agar started producing fabrications for Waste Spectrum Environmental and over the last 10 years, both companies have been able to prosper from having such a mutually beneficial relationship. Agar now supply a range of products to a variety of Blue Chip Companies ranging from small brackets up to incinerators which are mounted on 40ft artic trailers.

Agar is renowned for their approachability and personal service and Mark as the owner is very involved in all aspects of the business. His experience and knowledge of engineering, particularly within the West Midlands, is second-to-none and provides a further benefit to your business on top of the timely production and guaranteed quality of your fabrications.

The floating hotel being brought out of the factory

Agar's founder Albert Garfield demonstrating the jumbo sweeper collector

The Agar WA350 wrap-round gang mower in action

Seed drill hopper and steps and platform set